Immune Health

Immune Health

Keep Sickness At Bay

LBBTM2’s probiotic functions help to arm your immune system against many illnesses and infections, including flu, allergies and eczema.

It holds the following general probiotic functions:

  • Increase local and systemic antibody production
  • Increase immune cell activity
  • Modulate signals in epithelial and immune cells
  • Induce phenotypic changes in dendritic cells

Resistance To Respiratory Infections

The air around us is constantly being polluted by harmful chemicals in the air, which may trigger illnesses or be an indirect constituent to illness.

LBBTM2 plays a part in battling against respiratory infections by:

  • Reducing severity and duration of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)
  • Reducing risk of various respiratory infections that might be prevalent in infants

Reducing Risk Of Atopic Dermatitis In Infants

Infants may be at high risk of inheriting atopic dermatitis from their mothers.

LBBTM2 protects against sensitization in infants with high hereditary risk due to maternal sensitization. Incidence of atopic dermatitis was significantly lower for infants whose mothers were exposed to probiotic supplementation during perinatal stages.

The risk borne by breast-fed infants can also be reduced through the use of LBBTM2 during pregnancy and lactation, which partially contributes to a beneficial composition of breast milk.

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